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   Kitchen Worktop Category
   SADECC 2013

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TACTEA®: A bright and design decoration idea that makes the kitchen a pleasant and serene living space.
Not just a product, an innovation!

Choose an intelligent worktop combining tactile ergonomics, technology and stone.
Let TACTEA® light up your worktop.
It is a patented technology; using a system of LEDs integrated into the granite, quartz, marble or stone surface.... A slight touch on the worktop surface: transform the colour of your kitchen according to your desire!

Kitchen retailers, stone masons,
Offer TACTEA® to your clients and become one of our partners, distributors and installers!

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Latest news

Innovation Trophy 2013 at the SADECC fair in Lyon

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Innovation Trophy 2013 at the SADECC fair in Lyon
Completed projects

Classical Inspiration The ultimate in elegance; a work surface of composite quartz sparkling under a strip of LED lights. The purity of lines and shapes to make...

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